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The Amazon hosts the greatest concentration of species of animals and plants on earth and is the home of an extraordinary range of indigenous cultures who have lived sustainably in this ecosystem for millennia. But this great ecosystem and the cultures that depend on it are under siege!

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Destruction of Watersheds

Poorly planned and unregulated oil and mining concessions are threatening critical Amazon waterways, poisoning the animals and peoples who depend on them.

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Deforestation & Unplanned Development

Farmers and ranchers are clearing thousands of acres of Amazon rainforest for pasture in a hopeless attempt to make a living. A 3000 kilometer long development corridor along the Eastern Andes foothills stretches from the Caribbean to Peru and is increasingly blocking animal migration from the Amazon into the Andes.

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Climate Change

Global warming is driving Ecuadorian Amazon species to seek cooler temperatures by migrating uphill, but the development corridor along the Andes foothills is blocking that migration and creating a wave of extinction!

Together we can make a difference
With your help, the Andes Amazon Conservancy is working to protect critical landscapes, wildlife and cultures in the Ecuadorian Amazon by means of a unique set of initiatives:

Cultural Preservation

Beginning with the Ecuadorian Shiwiar, we are supporting the efforts of Indigenous Peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon to develop land use plans for their territories.

“Roadless Economy”

We are building and managing an eco-hut adventure network throughout these biologically and culturally rich areas of Ecuador, supporting local incomes while encouraging a shift from an extraction economy to an eco-tourism economy.

Ecological Protection

We are collaborating with local government to identify and protect key Amazonian biocorridors that are critical to biodiversity health.

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